5 Things NOT To Do While Trying To Get Noticed

There are tons of places to get advice on things that will help you get noticed in the work place, and when we say noticed, we mean positively. Less is said on what not to do when trying to get noticed at work. Some things are glaringly obvious and should be avoided at all costs, such as turning the lunchroom into a college teen’s paradise; others are less obvious and sometimes overlooked.

In the workplace, your every move is being judged; the result of last nights curry, how long you spend on the phone, the quality of your work, how well you get on with the people you work with – big brother is all around and he has his beady eye on you. Below are our top tips for a smooth sailing workplace, where you get noticed for all the right reasons. 

1. Borat is not somebody that you should take fashion tips from –

Dress like you mean business. Wearing a mankini is perfectly fine at home or from the comforts of a desert island, where nobody needs to burn their retina at your fabulous display of…manhood? However, in the workplace, it’s important to dress appropriately. Despite how others choose to dress, they’re probably not getting a promotion any time soon, either.

2. Don’t talk about your colleagues to anybody connected with work –

It’s natural that there will be people that you don’t get on with at work, but NEVER let anybody else know that. If you really must tell somebody about that giant mole on your bosses chin, make sure it’s to somebody who has absolutely no connection to work. It makes you appear untrustworthy – if you can talk about others, you’ll make others think that you would talk about them, too.

3. Don’t be so desperate to leave at home time –

We understand that you’re excited about it being home time since you’ve probably been dreaming about it since your alarm went off this morning. But when you run to the door in desperation to escape, it screams volumes about your work ethic – or lack-there-of. You’ll notice that your more successful counterparts will quite often stay behind an extra 10 or 20 minutes, a gesture that is appreciated.

4. The bosses derriere is not for kissing… except in extreme circumstances –

There is at least one person in the office that spends their time firmly wedged in between the bosses buttocks. Quite simply, it’s visible from a mile away. The boss knows it’s happening but is likely to take full advantage of the situation, rather than promote that person; they know that if somebody else were to offer them better, they would jump right between the next buttocks.

5. NEVER allow anybody you work with to have access to your social media accounts –

The person you think is your friend is more-often-than-not the first person to stab you in the back; they’re trying to get the same promotion as you are. That one time you’re late to work becomes the perfect opportunity for them to let slip that you happened to meet your partner for dinner… and there was probably drinks!


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