5 Things Ladies Look For In A Man’s Attire


Attraction – looking for a potential mating partner is basic animal behaviour. Just as with lions, tigers, fish, and insects, it is what makes the world go round. In the words of the famous song,

“Birds do it, bees do it, Even educated fleas do it
Lets do it, let’s fall in love”

But whilst a leopard can’t change his spots, or a polar bear can’t suddenly decide that black fur suits his eye colour better, as the male of the species, you actually can impress with your choice of attire.

So with that in mind, just what do ladies look for in a man’s clothing choice?


1. Smart Shoes

Whether highly polished works of art or designer trainers, it’s all about the image and levels of cleanliness.

For the smart look, ditch the scuffed toes, worn down heel and rubber sole, and go for shoes so shiny that you could squeeze your spots in the reflection of them.

And for when you are ‘chillin’’, go for ‘bang on trend’ brands. Research before you buy, as what is ‘down wiv da kids’ one day could make you look like a real plonker the next. Always remember that dog faeces in the creases may rhyme well and be a fab title for a hit song, but it is not a strong look when trying to attract a partner.

 2. Jeans that fit ‘well’

Yes fashions come and go, but a lady always likes a pair of jeans that ‘accentuate’ your ‘maleness’, whether front or rear. Even if baggy is the current trend, keep room to manoeuvre to a minimum whilst respecting the fashion look.

Ditch the turned up hem if it is just a necessity for height, especially if it is just the one turn, as this is likely to result in a huge ‘turn off’.


3. A good pair of ‘under-crackers’

Whatever your preference, keep your underwear print subtle until way into a relationship. So no ‘Family Guy’, ‘Star Wars’ or multiple hot dogs.

Make sure your pants are clean and have enough elastic to keep things within. If passion strikes and you’ve got it wrong, it could spoil things very literally at the last hurdle.

4. A quality ‘T’

We are not talking ‘a cup of’ or even how honed your calligraphy techniques are, but about how well you can turn casual into stylish.

Unlike many clothing items, thin can be better than thick when it comes to fashion, and make sure your neckline flatters as opposed to strangles.


5. Cufflinks you can’t keep your eyes off

This simple but effective accessory can keep eyes away from chewed nails, frayed cuffs and even wedding rings.

Cufflinks are one of the only items of male attire that can be just attractive when silver, gold, serious or quirky, and can give an instant portrayal of your personality, even when nerves have turned you into a gibbering

Cufflinks The Ladies Like

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