12 Signs It’s Time For A New Job (Part 2)

1412_New Job Part 1

7. Complaining has become a habit. (1 – 10)

Chances are that you were pretty good at this when you first started your job; life is hard. Now you take pleasure in complaining about every little thing – your partner only has to roll their eyes too loudly and you’re off.

8. You know more about what goes on across the street than in your work building. (1 – 10)

You spend more time looking out the window than you do actually working. Everything from the flying pigeon to the big patch of grass is more interesting than your job.

9. Crosswords are more challenging than your job. (1 – 10)

Picking up the newspaper and doing the crossword is the most challenging part of your day above the coffee run.

10. Your ideas are not important. (1 – 10)

Your co-workers used to have time to listen to your ideas about how to increase profits, boost work morale and speed up processes. Now all they want to hear is “I’m done with what you asked me to do”.

11. You see the company’s flaws and you know you could do a better job than your boss. (1 – 10)

You have several ambitious plans that could benefit the company massively. You’ve already drawn up plans and graphs of the potential profits for the next year and worked out several tasks that could be done a lot quicker. The only problem is your boss totally disagrees and obviously knows better.

12. Staffing is regularly re-structured. (1 – 10)

Staff come and go regularly and the positions you’ve been waiting for get offered to new, in-experienced people who know absolutely nothing about the company. Promotions are not given internally, but externally, as your boss thinks they bring something new to the table – you think they bring a bad smell.



1 – 40 There’s no doubt that you’re disgruntled, but you’re not quite in need of counselling or medication yet. If things aren’t as bad as what they could be, weigh up the pros and cons of working in your current role, to working in a different role. Are you in the job you always wanted or is it an ‘in-between role’ just until you reach your ultimate destination?

41 – 80 You at least see other humans on some weekends, right? Most of the time work is stressful, but it has its occasional bonuses – sometimes your boss even values your opinion, which only makes it harder to leave. You may be in-between minds and have plenty of questions like ‘what will they do if I’m gone?’ and ‘what if I can’t earn as much money?’ Perhaps it’s time to start looking at your options; they’ll be fine without you and you will certainly benefit from a change of scenery.

81 – 120 RUN! The negatives far outweigh the positives of your job and almost any other job would be better than the current version of hell that you’re in. It’s time to do some serious job hunting and taking a long, hard look at your options… and perhaps look into some professional help before something in your cranium gives up completely.

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