Cufflinks, cufflinks, we hear them mentioned all the time. But how many of us know how to wear them properly? See our specially commissioned illustrated guide to find out:

Step 1: Put on your shirt and leave your french cuffs unfolded.

Step 1: Put on your shirt and leave your french cuffs unfolded.

Step 2: Fold your french cuffs in half.

Step 2: Fold your french cuffs in half, taking care to align the cuff-holes on both sides of your cuff.

Step 3: Straighten the "feet" of your cufflinks.

Step 3: Straighten the “feet” of your cufflinks.

Step 4: Insert your cufflinks through the cuff-holes while pinching the cuffs together.

Step 4: Insert your cufflinks through the cuff-holes while pinching the cuffs together.


Step 5: Twist the "feet" of your cufflinks, and then repeat steps 2 - 5 on the other cuff.

Step 5: Twist the “feet” of your cufflinks, and then repeat steps 2 – 5 on the other cuff.

If you have other methods of wearing cufflinks, do let us know! 🙂

Cufflinks For Beginners

There are tons of places to get advice on things that will help you get noticed in the work place, and when we say noticed, we mean positively. Less is said on what not to do when trying to get noticed at work. Some things are glaringly obvious and should be avoided at all costs, such as turning the lunchroom into a college teen’s paradise; others are less obvious and sometimes overlooked.

In the workplace, your every move is being judged; the result of last nights curry, how long you spend on the phone, the quality of your work, how well you get on with the people you work with – big brother is all around and he has his beady eye on you. Below are our top tips for a smooth sailing workplace, where you get noticed for all the right reasons. 

1. Borat is not somebody that you should take fashion tips from –

Dress like you mean business. Wearing a mankini is perfectly fine at home or from the comforts of a desert island, where nobody needs to burn their retina at your fabulous display of…manhood? However, in the workplace, it’s important to dress appropriately. Despite how others choose to dress, they’re probably not getting a promotion any time soon, either.

2. Don’t talk about your colleagues to anybody connected with work –

It’s natural that there will be people that you don’t get on with at work, but NEVER let anybody else know that. If you really must tell somebody about that giant mole on your bosses chin, make sure it’s to somebody who has absolutely no connection to work. It makes you appear untrustworthy – if you can talk about others, you’ll make others think that you would talk about them, too.

3. Don’t be so desperate to leave at home time –

We understand that you’re excited about it being home time since you’ve probably been dreaming about it since your alarm went off this morning. But when you run to the door in desperation to escape, it screams volumes about your work ethic – or lack-there-of. You’ll notice that your more successful counterparts will quite often stay behind an extra 10 or 20 minutes, a gesture that is appreciated.

4. The bosses derriere is not for kissing… except in extreme circumstances –

There is at least one person in the office that spends their time firmly wedged in between the bosses buttocks. Quite simply, it’s visible from a mile away. The boss knows it’s happening but is likely to take full advantage of the situation, rather than promote that person; they know that if somebody else were to offer them better, they would jump right between the next buttocks.

5. NEVER allow anybody you work with to have access to your social media accounts –

The person you think is your friend is more-often-than-not the first person to stab you in the back; they’re trying to get the same promotion as you are. That one time you’re late to work becomes the perfect opportunity for them to let slip that you happened to meet your partner for dinner… and there was probably drinks!


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Totally Discreet Cufflinks

There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling like you’ve put in a huge amount of effort into your work and getting very little in return – if anything at all. You may even be tempted to stop trying or deliberately try to sabotage the chances of success for the office favourite; you know, the one that’s firmly attached to the bosses derrière most of the day.

There seems to be a common area that we miss on our quest to the top – we’re often aiming to get to the top to benefit ourselves, nobody else. When you think about it, it makes total sense; your boss wants somebody who will benefit them and the company, not somebody who only wants to help themselves. It’s not all bad news though – below are our top tips to help you get noticed. 

1. Help those who are less fortunate –

We don’t mean bring food in or make donations to the guy who doesn’t seem to ever catch a break. If you’re in a position to be a great leader, it’s important to remember that a great leader doesn’t just want to have others follow – they create more great leaders. Besides, great co-leaders are fabulous for delegating to.

2. Own your achievements –

It’s natural to shun from the limelight and appear less egotistical by offering recognition to others who contributed, but be careful not to dull your achievements. You did well to get recognition, now own it! There’s no shame in being proud of your achievements, providing you aren’t jumping on the tables and ‘flipping the bird’ at everybody else. Some of us are still proud at the fact that we managed to tie our own laces this morning.

3. Be modest in speech and excel in actions instead –

Modesty doesn’t mean that you don’t think you’re as good as somebody else, it just means that you don’t feel it necessary to toot your own horn to the point where your co-workers are secretly plotting your demise. Instead, you let the quality of your work and your actions do all the talking.

4. Utilise the hell out of your strengths –

Your boss hired you because you possessed a certain skill set that others did not; skills that he or she could utilise. It’s important to know your strengths and use them to maximise your success. Only your professional strengths, however; eating 57 hotdogs in an hour isn’t going to impress your boss when it comes to his or her company… unless it’s a hotdog company, perhaps.

5. Take every opportunity to better yourself –

Be the first to put your hand up for training programs where you can get a step ahead and learn something new. Even if you don’t learn anything new, if the person running the training program likes you and your attitude, they’re likely to pass on how impressed they were to your boss (derriere hugging via the middleman). Connections can be invaluable.


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Cufflinks To Be Noticed

Firstly, keep calm and don’t panic. You read correctly – Thamesbury is indeed having a huge boxing day sale where all are welcome; pets, young people, old people, men, women and aliens – we don’t discriminate. There are very limited stocks left in this year-end sale, and everything is while stocks last – we shan’t be re-stocking until January 2015.

Bring your boxing gloves because Boxing Day may get ‘literal’ while people fight for their favourites, while stocks last. We’re offering 30% storewide for one time a year only and here’s some tips to help you withstand survival mode.

1. Add items to your wish list in advance –

If you like the look of an item today, keep it safe in your wish list for easy access on the day. The sale lasts only 24hours so make the most of the window.

2. Get some much needed sleep the day before –

Earlier sleep means earlier waking time, which will give you an advantage over the sleepy heads that didn’t get to bed until the early hours – besides, it’s much easier than camping outside the store in the freezing cold.

3. Have your card ready –

We all know that the ‘safe place’ is a place you put something you want to keep safe, that’s never to be found again, so make sure your card is next to your computer and you’ve spent enough times memorising the numbers just in case.

4. Practice your typing skills –

The Boxing Day sale is survival of the fittest, and sluggish fingers will be left behind! Get to flexing those fingers – only the strongest survive! Familiarise yourself with your name, address and all other relevant details. If you don’t know them already, you probably shouldn’t be shopping.

5. Don’t drink liquids –

This is especially for those with a bulging wish list; under no circumstances must you take toilet breaks. Toilet breaks can seriously harm your chances of bagging the prize. Tena Lady are available at all leading supermarkets, grab yours today.

Boxing Day Sale starts at 0:00 on 26th December 2014 and ends 23:59 on the same day. Enjoy!

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Top Selling Cufflinks

Attraction – looking for a potential mating partner is basic animal behaviour. Just as with lions, tigers, fish, and insects, it is what makes the world go round. In the words of the famous song,

“Birds do it, bees do it, Even educated fleas do it
Lets do it, let’s fall in love”

But whilst a leopard can’t change his spots, or a polar bear can’t suddenly decide that black fur suits his eye colour better, as the male of the species, you actually can impress with your choice of attire.

So with that in mind, just what do ladies look for in a man’s clothing choice?


1. Smart Shoes

Whether highly polished works of art or designer trainers, it’s all about the image and levels of cleanliness.

For the smart look, ditch the scuffed toes, worn down heel and rubber sole, and go for shoes so shiny that you could squeeze your spots in the reflection of them.

And for when you are ‘chillin’’, go for ‘bang on trend’ brands. Research before you buy, as what is ‘down wiv da kids’ one day could make you look like a real plonker the next. Always remember that dog faeces in the creases may rhyme well and be a fab title for a hit song, but it is not a strong look when trying to attract a partner.

 2. Jeans that fit ‘well’

Yes fashions come and go, but a lady always likes a pair of jeans that ‘accentuate’ your ‘maleness’, whether front or rear. Even if baggy is the current trend, keep room to manoeuvre to a minimum whilst respecting the fashion look.

Ditch the turned up hem if it is just a necessity for height, especially if it is just the one turn, as this is likely to result in a huge ‘turn off’.


3. A good pair of ‘under-crackers’

Whatever your preference, keep your underwear print subtle until way into a relationship. So no ‘Family Guy’, ‘Star Wars’ or multiple hot dogs.

Make sure your pants are clean and have enough elastic to keep things within. If passion strikes and you’ve got it wrong, it could spoil things very literally at the last hurdle.

4. A quality ‘T’

We are not talking ‘a cup of’ or even how honed your calligraphy techniques are, but about how well you can turn casual into stylish.

Unlike many clothing items, thin can be better than thick when it comes to fashion, and make sure your neckline flatters as opposed to strangles.


5. Cufflinks you can’t keep your eyes off

This simple but effective accessory can keep eyes away from chewed nails, frayed cuffs and even wedding rings.

Cufflinks are one of the only items of male attire that can be just attractive when silver, gold, serious or quirky, and can give an instant portrayal of your personality, even when nerves have turned you into a gibbering

Cufflinks The Ladies Like

7. Complaining has become a habit. (1 – 10)

Chances are that you were pretty good at this when you first started your job; life is hard. Now you take pleasure in complaining about every little thing – your partner only has to roll their eyes too loudly and you’re off.

8. You know more about what goes on across the street than in your work building. (1 – 10)

You spend more time looking out the window than you do actually working. Everything from the flying pigeon to the big patch of grass is more interesting than your job.

9. Crosswords are more challenging than your job. (1 – 10)

Picking up the newspaper and doing the crossword is the most challenging part of your day above the coffee run.

10. Your ideas are not important. (1 – 10)

Your co-workers used to have time to listen to your ideas about how to increase profits, boost work morale and speed up processes. Now all they want to hear is “I’m done with what you asked me to do”.

11. You see the company’s flaws and you know you could do a better job than your boss. (1 – 10)

You have several ambitious plans that could benefit the company massively. You’ve already drawn up plans and graphs of the potential profits for the next year and worked out several tasks that could be done a lot quicker. The only problem is your boss totally disagrees and obviously knows better.

12. Staffing is regularly re-structured. (1 – 10)

Staff come and go regularly and the positions you’ve been waiting for get offered to new, in-experienced people who know absolutely nothing about the company. Promotions are not given internally, but externally, as your boss thinks they bring something new to the table – you think they bring a bad smell.



1 – 40 There’s no doubt that you’re disgruntled, but you’re not quite in need of counselling or medication yet. If things aren’t as bad as what they could be, weigh up the pros and cons of working in your current role, to working in a different role. Are you in the job you always wanted or is it an ‘in-between role’ just until you reach your ultimate destination?

41 – 80 You at least see other humans on some weekends, right? Most of the time work is stressful, but it has its occasional bonuses – sometimes your boss even values your opinion, which only makes it harder to leave. You may be in-between minds and have plenty of questions like ‘what will they do if I’m gone?’ and ‘what if I can’t earn as much money?’ Perhaps it’s time to start looking at your options; they’ll be fine without you and you will certainly benefit from a change of scenery.

81 – 120 RUN! The negatives far outweigh the positives of your job and almost any other job would be better than the current version of hell that you’re in. It’s time to do some serious job hunting and taking a long, hard look at your options… and perhaps look into some professional help before something in your cranium gives up completely.

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Cufflinks For A New Job

When you first started your job, it was fun and exciting; you saw yourself climbing up the career ladder and you loved the people you worked with, except Kathy from finance. Over time, your job can become stale and unfulfilling, but you stick it out and tell yourself that a job is a job. Perhaps you even wonder where you will go if you left your job.

Below is a simple scoring system – simply rate each answer from 1 to 10 and add your score up at the end. At the bottom you’ll find a section that suits you, depending on your score. No cheating – Santa is watching all year round, you know.

1. You have mumps, chicken pox and perhaps even chronic morning breath. (1 – 10)

Your sick days are mounting up so impressively that you’re on the last chapter of the medical dictionary. You’ve had chicken pox at least 12 times this year and flu is no longer seasonal, it’s more bi-monthly. In short, the main role of your job seems to be calling in sick.

2. You used to have money. (1 – 10)

The price of living has gone up, but that’s the only thing that has. You’ve been waiting for that pay rise to come along for quite some time and are starting to believe that it will happen around the same time as aliens taking over and running the Whitehouse.

3. Each day feels like it has 72 hours in it. (1 – 10)

You spend all day watching the clock, eagerly waiting for home time. You may have even began to make up excuses for having to leave early; your dog gets lonely, you’ve suddenly remembered that you’ve left the oven on and your house might be on fire, or you’re sick again.

4. You have multiple names for your boss, mainly beginning with ‘b’ [not ‘boss’]. (1 – 10)

You used to like your boss when you first landed the job. You used to share jokes and you thought he or she was pretty down to earth, but now you wish they would fall off the earth. Don’t feel bad – we’ve all been there.

5. You find drying paint more exciting than your job. (1 – 10)

The prospect of painfully watching paint dry is far more exciting than doing what your job role says you should be doing.

6. You spend most of your free time at work. (1 – 10)

You find yourself spending increasing amounts of time at work. Perhaps you started off a few extra hours after work occasionally, which moved onto the occasional weekend. You didn’t mind before because it was extra money, but now you’re questioning the last time you saw a human that doesn’t work with you.

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Cufflinks For A New Job

It’s Black Friday week, and that means many formerly expensive things have suddenly become rather affordable for the entire week. Here at Thamesbury, we were never expensive to begin with, but we’d still like to participate in the fun by offering you a one-week only 15% discount coupon:



So why not take this perfect opportunity to send your boss a pair of cufflinks, hand-selected to bring delight to any drab office superior. Don’t forget, we can send the cufflinks for you so that you need not be embarrassed by your boss’s expression of unbridled joy at receiving the cufflinks.

For The Discerning Boss

For The Humourous Boss (He Thinks)

For The Demanding Boss

To wear cufflinks properly, one needs to understand its history. Also, reading this article is a great way to pass the time while waiting for your boss to leave after office hours. So read on for the first in a series of educational articles by Thamesbury.

Cufflinks have been around for over a millennium, but they first became especially popular back in the day when people used to read books instead of using all manner of gigamatron. Sprawled across the pages of The Count of Monte Cristo, written by the famous author Alexander Dumas, was a character clad in enormous diamonds on both shirt cuffs. We’re not sure how much ‘enormous’ was exaggerated here, but it certainly sparked a lot of jealousy.

The popularity of the book provoked tailors to recognise what considerable impact it could have on their bank balance if they addressed the gap in the market that would suit the perfect gentleman’s attire. They began to create shirts that had holes in the cuffs for such accents to be worn; men could decorate their suits to truly be their own. The first cufflinks were made from ribbon and they signified the class of modern discerning gentleman. We’re glad that modern designs look much better now. For one, ribbons often fall off.

After it became commonplace to have shirts made with holes in the cuffs and cufflinks became more affordable, people inevitably got bored and so they were then reserved for only the high-end tailors that suited the upper class and Royalty, where they were nearly always used to expressing their upper-classiness at special events. The modern gentleman wears cufflinks for similar reasons today – high society at its best.

The good news is that cufflinks are now more popular than they’ve ever been and there’s a tradition still in place that may be worth a mention to your significant other; men wouldn’t buy their own cufflinks, they would have them gifted so their collections were built on gifts, hence the tradition of giving groomsman cufflinks. Put your wallet away, it’s somebody’s birthday somewhere, which is enough of an occasion to celebrate with gifted cufflinks, don’t you think?

Recommended Cufflinks

Dear Cufflinks Lovers,

Welcome to the pre-launch of Thamesbury. We would like to extend our warmest invitation to you and please feel free to explore our website and experience our service.

With our pre-launch, we start with a limited selection of cufflinks for your perusal. We would like to take the opportunity to tease out all the potential problems. Once we have established a foothold, we would launch officially later in August.

To thank you for being our adventurous early birds, please take 10% off all orders using the coupon code: EARLY10 at checkout.

Remember, we always provide free shipping via Registered Air Mail worldwide so you’d never have to worry about shipping prices or lost items ever again.

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