Welcome to Thamesbury – provider of the finest luxury accessories and timepieces for the refined and discerning gentleman.

Discover a wealth of classic and eclectic designs and experience an unmatched personal customer service perfectly tailored to meet your needs.

Thamesbury’s distinctive character speaks of effortless style and individual expression. Our many years of experience have enabled us to build a reputation for outstanding quality and impeccable customer service.

Our customers rely on us to add a touch of unique personality to their business attire. We help modern executives express their individual sense of style and humour to set them apart from their boardroom colleagues.

We are continuously developing our brand and our ranges to reflect emerging trends. Our discerning customers’ tastes and expectations greatly inform what we do. Many of our cufflinks are personally designed by us to reflect those individual needs and requirements. Our highly experienced curators in London carefully select our other collections for their exceptional appeal.

All of our cufflinks are thoughtfully designed or selected for their unique qualities. Each ensures a conversation-starter that allows the wearer to express his personality and passions.

We always strive to deliver a level of service that is second to none and we welcome requests for advice and guidance from new and returning customers. Our years of experience and exquisite tastes make us the preferred choice for well-heeled gentlemen around the globe.

Growing up in a long-standing family business dealing in jewellery and gems helped give our founder Hans a taste for luxury accessories. After initially training in law, Hans started his working life as a high-end watch dealer. Inspired by the unique designs of UK artists such as Longmire and Tateossian, and driven by a wealth of luxury retail sector knowledge, Hans created Thamesbury.

Thamesbury’s goal was to produce and procure cufflinks and timepieces of exceptional quality and uncommon design. The company took its inspiration from the affectionate and timeless image of the quirky English gent. Thamesbury’s ethos quickly developed – aiming to provide its growing customer base with accessories to redefine business attire. Thus allowing each wearer to express his unique sense of style and personality.

Thamesbury’s products and service have always been well received and highly regarded by customers. With our technological experience and knowledge of search engines, we plan to develop further. By exploring these new avenues we aim to deliver an exceptional and truly personal customer service.


Grey C.

Partner, Chief Photographer


Hans Z.

Managing Partner


Shakti S.

Head, Customer Care


Andrew J.

Business Strategy Advisor


Maxine E.

Principal Style Consultant


Angela O.

Principal Content Writer


Holly S.

Principal Proofreader


Kaye J.

Horology Content Writer


Matthew M.

Legal Researcher


Exciting Selection

Our ever-changing selection of curated, quirky cufflinks gives you plenty of choice to be who you want to be. Updated monthly, our curating philosophy aims to bring out the individuality and colour in any fine gentleman.


Bespoke Recommendations

We hire style consultants to provide sartorial insight on all our wares. With professional advice on shirt fabric matches, occasions to wear and who to gift, you’d always make the best possible choice.


Caring Security

Perfect safety doesn’t exist; that is why we work ceaselessly to ensure that every transaction is encrypted to the highest industry standard to protect your transactions and personal information, making shopping all the more safer for you.


Customer Support

Our customers deserve every second of our attention. That is why we are committed to your interests. No question is too small or too big; we’re happy to assist you with whatever you need, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.


Engaging Content

Shopping with us is never boring. From our delightful product anecdotes to our entertaining blog; spend a day browsing through our store and a stressful day just seems to melt away.


Outstanding Value

No place delivers better value than Thamesbury; our excellent customer support, style recommendations, gift boxed presentation and shipping options make us extremely easy on the wallet, as well as easy on the eye.

If you have special requirements, we also offer bespoke design services, such as for corporate gifting with personalised cufflinks that reflect your brand. Send us an email to: contact@thamesbury.com with your general feedback or questions about cufflinks so that we can keep delivering what you want.

Thamesbury Customer Care
865 Mountbatten Road
Unit No. B1-77
Singapore 437844

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